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A healthcare advance directive is a legal document that states your healthcare wishes should you become incapacitated, injured, or too ill to make such choices independently. It may specify which treatments you wish (or do not wish) to receive to sustain your life. Attorney Susan E. Durre can help you create a healthcare advance directive that informs medical personnel and your family of your wishes relating to health and medical care when the time comes.

Creating a Living Will

One aspect of your healthcare advance directive is a “Declaration Against Life-Prolonging Procedures,” often referred to as a “living will.” This document applies only when your doctor and at least one other person determine that:

  1. The maker has no reasonable expectation of recovering capacity; or
  2. The maker has a terminal condition, an end-stage condition, or remains in a persistent vegetative state.

To create a living will, you must be 18 years of age and sign these documents in the presence of two witnesses. These two people cannot be beneficiaries in your will or trusts.

Creating a Health Care Power of Attorney

A Health Care Power of Attorney is a document that identifies a trusted person of your choosing to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you should become unable to do so. The person must be an adult and should be someone aware of your medical wishes. Essentially, you entrust this person with the power to make important healthcare decisions on your behalf.

The Benefits of Establishing Healthcare Directives

Healthcare advance directives let your family and loved ones, along with attending physicians, know your wishes regarding medical choices. This way, they will not struggle with the decision to either prolong your life or to let nature take its course. If you do not create healthcare advance directives and become disabled, injured, or severely ill, the state of Florida will elect the spouse, relative, or family friend to make healthcare decisions on the person’s behalf. If you want to avoid burdening a loved one with such weighty decisions, contact Susan E. Durre to learn more about how we can take steps to protect your future.

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