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Creating an estate plan protects you, your family, and your legacy from an uncertain future. With more than 45 years of experience handling all aspects of the estate planning and probate process, I am well-qualified to assist you in putting the necessary protections in place to safeguard your hard-earned assets.

Personalized Estate Planning Services

Whether you are looking to ensure that your assets are accessible to the proper parties or you want to secure proper care for yourself and your loved ones, I can help you draw up plans optimized to protect your interests. Those who act without legal counsel to avoid probate may find that such actions result in increased taxes. Together, we’ll assess your needs and discuss your goals to determine the appropriate wealth preservation strategies and protections. From creating a will, nominating a Power of Attorney, establishing a Healthcare Advanced Directive, to forming a trust, I’m committed to ensuring your future—and that of your loved ones—remains bright.

Over Four Decades of Estate Planning Experience

When you work with me, you have the benefit of professional counsel informed by decades of experience. Over the course of my career, I have served as chair of the Probate Section of the Miami-Dade County Bar Association, president of the Miami Business Exchange, and legal counselor for Miami-Dade County’s first nonprofit corporate guardian, pro bono. The knowledge gained from these roles has been an invaluable aid to my legal practice. Above all, I strive to provide each of my clients with personalized service designed to help them choose the best course of action in their situation. Reach out to Susan E. Durre today to learn more.

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